About This Blog

This blog is used to show all my thoughts and my sharing. It consists of the following main category


It is just for educating fellow Christians on living as a Christian. Christians should not be living a ritualistic life but actively follow the Bible teachings and apply them in life.


I am not very philosophic but there are times when this topic pops up. It is also about life but is secular in nature. Posts on this category include psychology, behavior, guides etc.


On and off when I travel, I posts photos (mostly on plants and animals). It is for demonstrating the beauties of nature. I prefer to introduce nature rather than man made structures.  Usually I will show the common name of the plants and animals. Unfortunately, I don't always know their names.


Most of the posts in this topic is on programming. In my course of work as an amateur programmer, I will come across issues which took considerable time to solve. I therefore writes a blog about it and show how it could be solved. Sometimes I also show my reflection on certain product.

If you are interested in what else I post. I have a facebook profile where I post my thoughts on public comments. There is a Facebook page "Windows into Life" that solely comment on things not related to me but felt like commenting. The Facebook address is https://facebook.com/JonHiew. You can also scan the QR code below to go to my profile on Facebook.

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